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Title Deed Online Verification in Kenya

Posted by Nulands on June 14, 2024

Gone are the days of endless paperwork and physical visits to government offices! In Kenya, you can now conveniently check your land title deed online. This blog post will guide you through the process, saving you time and effort.

What You Need To Conduct An Online Land Search In Kenya

  • Internet access: This is a must-have for online services.
  • Land Title Deed Number: This unique identifier is located on the physical title deed itself.
  • E-Citizen Account: If you don’t have one, creating a free account is quick and straightforward. You can sign up at

Key Steps To Conduct An Online Land Search In Kenya

  1. Head to the Ardhisasa Platform: This online portal allows you to interact with land information held by the government.
  2. Log in or Create an E-Citizen Account: Existing users can log in with their credentials. For newcomers, click on “Create Account” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Navigate to “Land Search”: Once logged in, locate the “Land Search” option on the Ardhisasa platform.
  4. Enter Your Land Title Deed Number: In the designated field, carefully enter your unique number. Double-check for accuracy before proceeding.
  5. Complete the Online Land Search Form: Fill out any additional information requested in the form, typically details like the registry where the title deed is held.
  6. Submit the Form and View Results: Once everything is complete, click submit to initiate the search. The system will display details about your land, including ownership confirmation and any potential encumbrances (restrictions) on the title.
  • Convenience: Check your land information anytime, anywhere, with an internet connection.
  • Transparency: Gain immediate access to crucial details about your land ownership.
  • Efficiency: Skip time-consuming visits to government offices.

While the online search provides valuable information, the official record remains the physical title deed. Keep it safe for future reference.

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