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How to Verify the Authenticity of a Title Deed in Kenya

Posted by Nulands on June 14, 2024

Purchasing land in Kenya is an exciting step, but ensuring the title deed is genuine is crucial. A fake deed can lead to significant financial losses and legal complications.

But what does a real title deed look like?

This blog post equips you with methods to verify if a title deed is authentic.

Check The Appearance

  • Physical Features: Examine the document for official government seals and watermarks. A genuine title deed usually has a raised, embossed seal and security features embedded in the paper.
  • Printing Quality: Look for crisp, clear printing with no smudging or inconsistencies.
  • Serial Numbers: Verify that the serial numbers on the deed (usually present on multiple pages) match perfectly.
  • E-Citizen Platform: If the seller provides a title deed number, utilize the Ardhisasa platform ( to conduct an online land search using your E-Citizen account. A successful search confirming ownership aligns with a genuine deed.
  • Physical Land Registry Visit: For added peace of mind, visit the Land Registry office where the title deed is registered. They can conduct an official search for a fee and confirm its authenticity.

Seek Professional Help:

  • Lawyer Involvement: A lawyer specializing in land law can examine this document thoroughly, verify its details with the Land Registry, and identify any potential red flags. Their expertise can prevent costly mistakes.

Remember: These methods offer a good indication of authenticity, but for complete certainty, consult a lawyer experienced in land transactions.

By taking these steps to verify the title deed’s legitimacy, you can proceed confidently with your land purchase, safeguarding your investment.

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