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Posted by Nulands Limited on July 4, 2023
While buying land, it is essential to do a physical site visit as a way of verifying that the property truly exists. Some people have lost millions buying non-existent land, and a site visit should be made to avert this.

At Nulands Limited, we understand that investing in land is a major decision for our esteemed clients. We believe that carrying out thorough due diligence on potential properties is paramount in ensuring a successful and profitable investment. For that reason, we offer free site visits at the convenience of our clients.

Today, we would like to emphasize the importance of conducting site visits in the land investment process, particularly in accordance with Kenyan regulations. By adhering to these regulations and conducting site visits, you can minimize risks, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions.

  1. Compliance with Kenyan Laws and Regulations

In Kenya, the process of land investment is governed by various regulations, with the primary legislation being the Land Act of 2012. This act provides legal frameworks for land ownership, leaseholds, and land transactions. Adhering to these regulations is crucial to ensure that your investments are secure and legally protected. By conducting site visits, you can verify the authenticity of the land on the Ardhisasa platform and ensure that it complies with Kenyan land laws, guarantees, and restrictions.

  1. Minimizing Risks through Site Visits

Conducting site visits enables you to physically inspect the land, assess its location, and evaluate its suitability for your investment goals. By being physically present on the site, you can observe the surrounding areas, the proximity of amenities and infrastructure, and potential growth prospects. Additionally, site visits provide an opportunity to evaluate the land’s environmental conditions, assess any potential risks, and identify any encumbrances that may adversely affect your investment.

  1. Verification of Land Ownership and Documentation

The land investment process requires thorough verification of ownership and land documentation. By conducting site visits, you have the opportunity to authenticate the owner’s identity and confirm their legal right to sell the land. It is crucial to ensure that the land is free from any disputes or conflicting claims. Additionally, site visits allow you to review essential documentation such as title deeds, leases, survey plans, and development permits. This verification is vital to protect your investment from potential disputes and legal complications.

  1. Understanding Potential Challenges

Site visits provide firsthand exposure to the challenges and limitations associated with a particular land investment. It allows you to evaluate factors such as accessibility, infrastructure development, and land use restrictions. Additionally, site visits can provide insights into the local community’s perspective especially clients who have bought land in the area, allowing you to assess potential social, cultural, or political challenges that may affect your investment.

Also note that it is very important to tag along a second person to give you an independent opinion about the property, rather than depending on your opinion to decide. This could be your spouse or a family member.

Remember to ask questions especially if there will be any more charges after completing payment like stamp duty, and capital gain tax (CGT) among other charges.

For a free site visit call 0708592177 / 0719208987

In conclusion, conducting site visits plays a crucial role in successful land investment in Kenya. By adhering to Kenyan regulations and physically inspecting the land, you can mitigate risks, confirm ownership, evaluate suitability, and identify potential challenges. At Nulands Limited, we strongly advocate for site visits as an integral part of the due diligence process. We believe that this diligent approach will enhance your investment security and increase the chances of a successful and lucrative venture.

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