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The electoral constituency of Juja covers an area of 326.60 Sq. Km and is one of twelve constituencies found in Kiambu County, Kenya, whose population the 2009 census put at 118,793 people. It was first contested during the 1969 general elections and is among the four original constituencies that comprised the former Thika District. The towns of Juja, Ruiru, Thika and Kilimambogo are found within this constituency. Home town for the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), it carries an appreciable number of malls and learning institutions at all tiers and certain sections of Thika superhighway.

The town is situated approximately 30 kilometers North of Nairobi, in-between Thika and Ruiru towns and falls under the Nairobi Metropolitan Authority as envisaged in the Kenya Vision 2030 agenda. People intending to buy land and own homes in Juja can expect to have reliable water and sanitation services from Ruiru Juja Water and Sewerage Company (RUJWASCO). Juja’s climate is generally warm and temperate, with the area experiencing temperature of 19.6°C and rainfall of 799m by average.

Buying and Selling Land in Juja for Profit

A lot of people have utilized investment in land as a money-making tool for many years. Emergence of new, affordable plots of land for sale has especially opened up this market to a new breed of small-scale investors. When looking for resale land, you need to evaluate a number of important things, such as its current price and how long you plan to retain it as an investment. It is wise to also check out what makes your prospective parcel a potentially profitable business venture. One should always invest in land that offers good chances of appreciation, like the plots availed by Nulands at Juja farm. You can tell this by assessing its accessibility to basic infrastructure such as well-done access road and airport along with proximity to social amenities. This land was originally part of an expansive farm acquired by William Northrup McMillan back in the 1900s.

Juja Farm area has become a preferred investment destination with the confirmation of the greater southern bypass as one of the key road projects that the government will embark on. The road is designed to connect Mombasa road with the Thika-Nyeri highway cutting through Juja Farm and Garissa Road.

Consulting Professionals for Trouble-Free Land Purchase

The process of obtaining land purposed for investment needs to be swift and free of hitches. Any aspiring investor can acquire acreage of varying proportions, such as quarter acre, half acre and one eighth acre for private development or resale by approaching a seasoned real estate merchant like Nulands.

Remember to account for overhead costs such as transfer fees, legal costs and associated land investment costs when seeking land for resale objectives. Investing in plots for sale can be among the best and most financially-rewarding modes of investment. It is equally helpful being aware of what factors would make a given plot attractive both at present and in future.

The exercise of transferring land ownership can oftentimes prove to be tedious and time-consuming. A number of formalities have to be accounted for that includes seeking approval from the authorities concerned and sometimes meeting several parties before the deal is finally settled. In general, involving professional assistance to find land for resale purposes exempts investors from having to undertake this rigorous process on their own.

As an example, Nulands expedites the process of land acquisition for its clients by referring them to the right financiers of loans and mortgages and providing each of them a ready title deed.

Available Property in Juja

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Juja Gated Neighbourhood Phase 4

Starting From KES 700,000 / 1/8 ACRE
Description and price Nulands Juja phase 4 is located 3km from Juja farm at Mumba shopping [more]
Description and price Nulands Juja phase 4 is located 3km from Juja farm at Mumba shopping centre. These are 1/8 ac [more]
Sold Out

Juja Gated Neighbourhood Phase 3

Starting From KES 600,000 / 1/8 ACRE
Description and price Nulands Juja phase 3 is located 3km from Juja farm at Mumba shopping [more]
Description and price Nulands Juja phase 3 is located 3km from Juja farm at Mumba shopping centre. These are 1/8 ac [more]

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