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Land Investment

Posted by Nulands Limited on December 6, 2017

By Monicah Waithera.

Holiday seasons are not only for celebrations, they also present opportunities so seal some impressive deals. Most sellers create offers in the month of November and December. Therefore, there’s a likelihood of purchasing property cheaper than you would, at the beginning of the year. At this time, lenders and sellers need to dispose their real estate off their books before they head into the next year. Seasoned investors take advantage of this period to catch good deals.

Naivasha property. PHOTO by Nulands Limited

Do you wonder why people buy vacant land, without a house, sometimes with no water, sewer system or even electricity yet on site? Why an open space that someone thinks – I should own that?

Undeveloped land is a stable asset that can be worth much more than its initial purchase price in the long-run. That notwithstanding, one has to do quite some homework on the area around which your land is located as it has a huge impact on its future value.

If you purchase land for a long-term investment, you’ll spend less to maintain it, because property maintenance costs and taxes on undeveloped land are relatively low than developed land. This works for a majority of investors but some landowners aren’t willing to just let a plot sit there. Even the most hands-off long-term investors have been known to set special arrangements on their land while waiting for its value to rise

In some cases, it’s common for an individual or a group of people to buy land because there’s something on it. For example, a land in which a house or a business is built, with every detail exactly how you want it: size, exposure, shape, position and so on.

This is a little different from just building something on the land – you’re actually using the land itself to make money. These arrangements fall under something called usage rights and many folks buy land specifically for these rights. The most common kind of usage right is farming. Good soil and a good climate are the starting points. If conditions are right, one can farm crops, keep cattle, poultry…or all of the above. You can either work the land yourself or lease out the land to farmers. Nulands Limited provides this opportunity in Narok County. This area receives average annual rainfall of between 500mm and 1,800mm.

Passion Fruit Farming In Narok Majimoto farmlands. PHOTO by Nulands Limited


Through leasing/renting, you let someone else pay your mortgage and build equity and as a result, you gain wealth while you sleep. There really is no simpler or safer way to invest and with retirement plans no longer safe and at risk of disappearing; it is all we really have left to protect our retirement.

Only you can know whether buying land is right for you. But Warren Buffet says, “If you’re willing to put the time into it 5 to 10 years, you might be able to turn a serious profit”.  And he ought to know. His fortune started when he was a paperboy and he saved his paychecks until he had enough to buy a small farm and as they say, the rest is history.

So, as we wrap up, you might think about calling Nulands Limited. See what land investment opportunities they have and what the price is. Ask about the zoning. Find out what is planned for the communities nearby.

Then who knows? It just might be the beginning of something big.



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