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The electoral constituency of Naivasha is located in Nakuru County of Kenya, with Naivasha market town lying North West of Nairobi City. Its population was 224,141 people according to the 2009 official census. The constituency covers 1,685.80 Sq. Km and has eight wards, namely Biashara, Hellsgate, Lakeview, Mai Mahiu, Maeilla, Olkaria, Naivasha East and Viwanda.

The area enjoys warm and temperate climate, having an average temperature of 17.1°C and 677mm of average annual rainfall. Agriculture, mainly floriculture is the prime economic activity practiced in this region. Naivasha also has multiple natural attractions for tourists, including Mount Longonot as well as and Hell’s Gate National Parks. Lake Naivasha is yet another point of interest, being an important center of attraction for observing the behavior of wild animals, particularly birdlife and hippopotamus.

On the diplomatic front, Naivasha played host to the negotiations which ended the Second Sudanese Civil War, resulting in a Comprehensive Peace Agreement, christened the “Naivasha Agreement”. The Nakuru Highway (A104 road) as well as Kenya – Uganda Railway can be accessed from this fast growing town, which is expected to also benefit through an extension of the already-approved standard gauge railway (SGR). The proposed internal container depot (ICD) proposed for transit and in-country rail cargo that will be built in Longonot area is likely to spur further growth of Naivasha in general and Longonot – Mai Mahiu area in particular.


Remarkable Beauty of the Longonot Ecosystem

Rising approximately 750m above the Great Rift Valley’s floor, Mt Longonot appears captivating to the left as one drives towards Naivasha along the upper escarpment road, barely 60km away from Nairobi City. Landscape within the surrounding is dominated effortlessly by the mammoth presence of this dormant volcanic mountain, which includes canyons of dried-up lava on its steep slopes and circular caldera of over 1 kilometer in diameter. Scientists estimate this dormant volcano which stands 2776m above sea level to have erupted last in the mid 1800s. Several viewpoints have turned to be popular stopovers for road-users who enjoy gazing at the magnificent view of Mt Longonot and the scenic beauty which engulfs it. Several wild animals inhabit the dense forest covering the crater-floor, with the unique ecosystem as a whole comprising a National Park protected by the Kenya Wildlife Services.

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  • Choosing the Right Real Estate Company

It is important to verify the integrity of prospective property listing firms to ensure realizing your goals of investing in real estate. This should apply whether planning to purchase a commercial plot or already-developed property.

  • Knowing the Basics of Investing in Property

Take time to know the current state of real estate within the area of interest even before approaching a particular real estate agency, broker or company. Doing this offers some leverage on mitigating some risks that could arise after you buy property. You need to consider as well whether putting up houses for rental income within a particular place would earn you an attractive return on Investment (ROI).

  • Varieties of Real Estate Investments

Different kinds of property investments exist, namely Below Market Value (BMV), Buy-to-Let as well as Off-Plan properties. Consulting with a seasoned real estate firm like Nulands can help you make prudent decision of land purchase in Naivasha for example.

  • Location of Property

Where a given plot of land is situated plays an important role in determining its investment potential. Location would prove strategic if you perhaps wanted to resell it in future, since commercial or residential property generally appreciates with time.

Certain real estate companies, like Nulands, assist home buyers in acquisition of property by connecting them with financiers of mortgages and loans.







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