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NAROK BUS TOUR September 10, 2016

Posted by Nulands on September 19, 2016

Nulands takes great pleasure at taking prospective customers and those who have bought to not only see the land on offer, but to also be able to see the value adding activities that have been put into the projects.  Customers are able to see the properties and interact with the projects before or after they buy.

This was the second Narok tour since the Homes Expo that was held in April at the KICC. We had a group of twelve prospective clients and the Nulands team on board. A couple that had already purchased some parcels but had never had an opportunity to see their land also joined the group in Narok. We noticed the zeal to invest for this group from our first encounter. Despite being a Saturday, they kept time and between 7 – 7:30am ninety five per cent of those who had confirmed were at Garden square.



At around 8:00am, we started off and in two hours, we were in Narok Town. We had a short stop over at Mid Rock before heading to the farmlands. Our properties are located at a place called Majimoto and Oldonyo Rasha 25km from Narok town. Upon arrival to the first demonstration farm, we gathered for a brief induction of the area.

Since it is the end of the harvest season, we were able to show beans, sunflower, wheat and hay harvested from the different farms in the area. This dry period between the long and short rains is important for the crops to get ready, be harvested and dried. After the demonstration farm, the group was shown the parcels in phase 12 that were available for sale. Along the way they were able to observe other phases in different stages of development.

Phase 12 was launched at the Homes expo in April and following this last visit, it has been sold out. During this tour, we launched the sales for phase 13 and 14. Those who missed pieces in Phase 12 booked some in Phase 13.

To demonstrate how the farms look after two years, we passed through phase 1 demonstration farm where there is mixed farming including, onions, poultry, fruit  farming, fish farming and bee keeping.

The team was shown where borehole surveys have been done since Nulands intends to sink boreholes to ensure all year round farming. Each borehole will serve upto 3 phases.  From the nearby electricity lines, the group was able to observe that power can be connected to the farm with ease. Nulands team confirmed that the application for connection to phases 2, 3 and 9 had been done. The preliminary survey from Kenya Power has been done and a final quotation for connection is being awaited.

Phase 1 marked the end of our site viewing. We left for Osim Country Lodge for lunch. We were treated to a sumptuous buffet.  To add icing to the cake, a happy customer gave vote of thanks to Nulands team for the good job. 6

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