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Narok Site Tour 28th May 2016

Posted by nulands on June 6, 2016

Nulands Narok Site Tour to showcase the gated farm lands projects  May 28, 2016

When organizing a group tour, despite the best efforts in the preparation you always have either of two scenerios:  Either Clients who had confirmed are unable to make it on the morning of the tour or clients who had not confirmed decide to show up on that morning or others who had confirmed come with a friend or two.  In our case this time, we had the challenge of having more people than had confirmed. It is a good problem because it means a bigger audience to showcase our projects which should translate to more prospects and more conversions.

We set out from Nairobi CBD at 8:00 after sorting out the logistics challenge.  By 10:30 am the four landcruisers were in Narok Town. A few minutes later, we were on the first gated neighbourhood in Majimoto.


The tour started with a brief to give a geographic overview of the area and a route map for the tour of the farms. Nulands shared information on the crops that have been farmed in the projects since 2013.

The party was then taken through a tour of the first farm where Nulands as a demonstration project of mixed farming.


In this first farm the party was able to see the various crops which include beans, tomatoes, cassava, wood and fruit trees, pineapples and coffee.

Next to the first demonstration farm, the party was shown one of the new gated farmland projects where Nulands is selling parcels.


Before setting out to view the other gated farm lands, the party was treated to a free serving of tomatoes from the demonstration farm. There were enough tomatoes for everyone to carry.


The group then toured some of the other gated farmlands in the area and were able to see various other crops that have been grown and the different water harvesting and conservation methods used.


The last gated farmland project to visit was phase 1 in which the demo farm is under mixed farming with includes tomatoes, onions, beans, bees, fish, poultry and fruit trees.

Having seen all the gated neighborhood projects, it was time to go for lunch. But the party was not to leave phase 1 demo farm without a helping of some farm produce. Some tomatoes and leafy vegetables

The next stop was Ewaso Nyiro town where the party had lunch next to the river at Osim Country lodge.

The tour was concluded with a visit of the Nulands Narok Town plots in Ilmashariani area. Here the party was first taken through a short brief of the geography of the area , the proposed county development plans, the existing amenities, institutions and company development plans.




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