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Syokimau, an electoral ward in Kenya measuring approximately 37.30 Sq. Km is located in Mavoko constituency of Machakos County. Lying just south of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Nairobi City, it serves as one of the prominent residential suburbs for the fast growing population of nearby urban dwellers. The 2009 National Census report put its population at 42,154 inhabitants. Its name is derived from the feminine name Syokimau, who was a legendary diviner of yesteryear among the native Akamba population.


The Kenya Government officially launched a new metro rail service station in November 2012 to serve residents of Syokimau and its environs. This service terminates at the Nairobi railway station connecting rail users with the Central Business District via scheduled train trips, twice in the morning and twice during evening hours on weekdays.

The Mombasa South railway station located in Syokimau has been earmarked as the main Nairobi stop-over point on the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Passengers will be able to reach the city centre conveniently by switching between standard gauge and metre gauge trains, once construction of the new station juxtaposed to the existing one is complete. Apart from the efficient railway service, area residents can also enjoy smooth drives or rides into the Central Business District via Mombasa Highway.

Potential for Investment

Land and real estate of variable acreage has been appreciating fast for different reasons within Syokimau. A primary one is the ongoing tarmacking of the 10-kilometer Katani Road, being overseen by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), which falls under National Government jurisdiction. Dozens of plots for sale are currently being developed by private investors too.

Institutional investors are particularly focusing on availing quality accommodation mete for the mushrooming middle-class. It includes apartment blocks, maisonettes as well as stand-alone houses that come with a ready title deed. Availability of social amenities like churches, malls and good schools is an equally important factor that is bolstering land purchase and the overall investment potential of Syokimau.

Whether for personal or commercial uses, you can ensure acquiring the right kind of property by enlisting the proven services of a good real estate company.

Syokimau Residents Association (SRA)

The vibrance exuded by the ever-growing Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) is yet another compelling reason why anyone would consider acquiring land for sale within the locality. For quite some time now, this fraternity has spearheaded several welfare initiatives to the benefit of Syokimau dwellers. The area also boasts its improved status of security nowadays along with being situated in close proximity to reliable sources of building and roofing materials.

Many property investment professionals are presently opting to sink boreholes as a way of sustaining their projects due to the inadequacy of fresh water supply within the area. In addressing this temporary challenge however, SRA is busy working with Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company Limited (Mavwasco) to set up the requisite plumbing system. Plans of lighting up the entire Syokimau locale are underway too with goodwill from corporate stakeholders, which should definitely afford better security to area residents.

Syokimau offers reassuring prospects for a lot of average investors seeking to buy property. Whatever your purchasing considerations, Nulands Limited is committed to availing a customized deal to meet your property ownership or investment needs.

The Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) in conjunction with the Machakos County Government developed a zoning plan for the entire Syokimau area. This zoning plan was recently passed by the county assembly.

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KES 7,000,000 per 1/4 acre
1/4 acre plot is in phase 3 Genese parcel which is near the JKIA fence. Access is from gat [more]
1/4 acre plot is in phase 3 Genese parcel which is near the JKIA fence. Access is from gateway mall Syokimau road.  [more]

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